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Denver Hair Salon prides itself on delivering exceptional service while maintaining real relationships with clients. Michael has made it a priority to create a welcoming environment for all, offering excellent services for male, female, and androgynous hairstyles.

Michael Charbonneau

Master Hairstylist and Colorist

With over a decade of experience, Michael has earned the reputation of an expert Hairstylist/ Colorist, being able to blend his trade skill with whatever vision the client might have for their own hair in order to provide a truly excpeional service. His attention to detail and his passion for personalized styles make him one of the best in the industry.

But Michael is best known for the care he shows his clients. His desire to build real relationships with clients shines through his effort to embark on a styling journey with his clients, helping grow your hair along with you.

Michael also continues to be involved with the community around him, voluneteering to help people recovering from addiction and being an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

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